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Real Estate Development

Our team of specialists undertakes the development of your property, covering all stages, from construction or transformation, to delivery or operating the business created.

In cooperation with the largest construction companies in Greece and Europe, we build or renovate the property you have purchased, according to your investment plans. While in cooperation with large groups in Greece, we can also run the business exclusively, or as shareholders.

More specifically, the steps we take for the best possible capitalization of your investment are as follows:

Step 1: We undertake the conversion of the property or the property development according to the defined investment plan.

Our team of constructors, after carefully studying your investment plan, prepares proposals that meet the operational needs of the project and the return (ROI) expectations of the investment.

Step 2: We undertake the disposal of the purchased property, in the domestic or the international market.

For the disposal of your property, we utilize a domestic and international network of large brokerage and real estate firms.

Βήμα 3ο: We undertake the establishment, the staffing and the operation of the business as sole administrators or in cooperation with third parties.

If you are going to operate as a business, we undertake, in cooperation with reputable law and accounting offices, the entire procedure from setting up the company, to managing the business.

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Now, as you were able to get a picture of who we are, it is up to you to contact us and lay the foundation for a new and successful business relationship

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