Golden Visa in Greece

You can get a constantly valued real estate investment in Greece, freedom of travel, asset security, future security, education of your children, a safe legacy for future generations and many other advantages by obtaining a residence permit in Greece.

Invest in real estate in Greece and take the first step towards European Union citizenship with the residence permit program.

If you don't sell the real estate you bought in Greece, it can be self-renewed every five years thereafter.

Greek Residency by Investment or Greek Golden Visa Program as it’s commonly known has been introduced by Greek Government in 2013

Since then, the Golden Visa Program is considered to be one of the most affordable in Europe and also among the most sought worldwide. Greek Passport - one of the most popular (8th in rank) passports worldwide.

Most significant privileges of Greek Residency

  1. Visa-free traveling to all the Schengen Countries (for 90 days any 6 months)
  2. Eligibility to apply for Greek citizenship after 7 years of residence
  3. Free travelling to 183 countries with Greek passport
  4. Profitable real estate investment
  5. Access to Greek Health Care for your family and European education for children

Why the Greek Golden Visa?

Minimum investment

250.000 € (the lowest investments in EU)


Invest in one or several properties to a total value of € 250,000

No staying requirements

Staying in the country is not required


Validity of temporary residence is 5 years, with unlimited prolongation

Unlimited expiry date

As long as the investor owns the property

Low tax

3% low real estate transfer tax

Tourist potential

33 million international tourists / year

Long season

250 days of sunshine


21 International airports

Great location

3 continents crossroads


Greek Residency Benefits

Golden Visa in Greece

The process of getting a Golden Visa in Greece

Vitruvius offers you a professional, problem-free and fluent support service in the process of obtaining a residence permit in Greece. We ensure that your Golden Visa application is submitted for approval perfectly and that your residence in the European Union is successfully granted by following the process until the application is accepted.

1-) Get in touch with Vitruvius professional immigration and investment advisors

Vitruvius professional immigration and investment consultants will help you choose the most cost-effective and high rental income properties for you, while also providing information on the details of the residence permit process.

The way you need to follow to apply: The process of getting a Golden Visa in Greece

The main applicant may also add dependents to a residency application, including his/her spouse and children.

2-) Visit the real estate investment options in Greece, see on site and evaluate for yourself

We will prepare a list of the most suitable properties according to your budget and goals and enable you to examine the investment and longterm rental yields of each property.

3-) Preparation of Required Documents

We provide our investors with a detailed list of documents required to obtain a Golden Visa and guide them to create it. For the perfect and complete preparation of all documents, our professional and experienced immigration consultants support you at every step and perform the checking and scanning of investment documents.

4-) Resident Permit Application

An excellent application for a Golden Visa by investing in real estate in Greece and all supporting documents and documents proving the property investment are submitted to the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration.

5-) Process and proof of the application

The application process takes 2 months under normal conditions. After the application, the applicant is provided with a document valid for one year, allowing the holder to enter Greece as many times as he wishes.

6-) Obtaining the Golden Visa

After the examination of the application documents, the decision is made by the general secretary of the local government and the applicant is informed. The applicant receives the Golden Visa, which allows five years of visa-free travel within the European Union, and also the permit to live in Greece for a period of five years.