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MicroApartment 39,27m² in Athens

100 000,00 €
There is an offer for a micro-apartment of 39,27 sq.m. This apartment is located on ground floor of a 4-storey building. The property has a beautiful garden and is only 300 meters away from metro station.

This micro-apartment is parto of a 4-storey building which will be constructed in 2019 with all the latest technology and is located in the central part of the city of Athens, 300 meters from the metro station (METAKSOURGEIO). The Metaxourgeio is the area of Athens between Psiri, Omonia and the Larissa Train Station. The area took its name from the Silk Manufacture factory that had been worked here until 1875 (Metaksi means silk in the Greek language). In the middle of the last century, when the fast-economic development took its place in Athens, the Metaxourgeio has become a commercial and cultural heart of the capital of Greece. 

Address: Kolonou 29, METAKSOURGEIO, 10436, Athens
Categories: Micro-apartments
Type: For sale

Building Information

Flooring: ground floor
Number of Floors: 2