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Real estate management

Our expert team is staffed with experienced and trained professionals (real estate appraisers, civil engineers, architects, economists, accountants, investment consultants, and international analysts) who specialize in the entire spectrum of real estate, from purchase and investment to management.
Exclusively, or in cooperation with reputable offices relating to property and its use, our company undertakes the management of your property whether it is intended for domestic or for commercial use.

Exclusive or co-operative management of commercial real estate


With regard to the management of real estate that is already operating as a business, or that is going to be operating as a business, we are able to cover the full range of services, from legal advice and accounting to staffing and operation.
In cooperation with a network of reputable companies and professional associates, we undertake the complete management of your property by providing:
Commercial support/marketing: valuation and pricing, risk analysis-business plan, online and printed real estate advertising, brochures, listings, real estate display, mediation with prospective buyers/tenants.
Accounting/Tax Support: compliance with tax legislation, tax submission statements, tax payments, counseling.
Legal Support: contract management, balance sheets, legal representation, rent collection, compliance with applicable laws.
Technical support: maintenance, repairs, licenses, remodeling, usage changes, etc.

Management of residential properties

With regard to the management of residential property, we are able to cover all the range of services related to its maintenance, equipment and decoration, cleaning, gardening and payment of fixed bills.

In cooperation with reputable offices and professionals, we are in a position to assume management of your property as soon as it is purchased. That means we can furnish, equip it, decorate it and have it all prepared for your accommodation, as well as maintain it (cleaning, gardening, paying bills), leaving you with no other concerns but to enjoy your stay every time you visit.

Payment of fixed bills is done automatically, via a special application, available to our clients.

Valuation and Pricing

Beyond management, our team of experts also evaluate the utilization options and suggest:

  • How to utilize your property based on its actual return (ROI) chances
  • Pricing for utilization

A professional valuation based on comparative and qualitative data, prevents devaluation or overvaluation of your property, and speeds up its utilization.



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