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Legal Stay in Greece and Free Movement in Europe via the Greek Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program provided by the Greek state is one of the most affordable in Europe, but also among the most sought after in the world, providing legal stay in a European country and free movement in all EU countries, to third-country nationals.

The Greek passport, according to the international Henley Passport index, is included in the top 10 most popular passports in the world (8th in rank), allowing easy movement in 183 countries worldwide!

But it is also a "golden" opportunity to combine these benefits with a profitable investment in the Greek real estate market, which in recent years offers unique investment opportunities.

Apart from a popular tourist destination (32 million tourists per year), Greece is also one of the safest countries in the world, renowned for Greek hospitality (philoxenia), its cultural heritage, the natural beauty of its landscapes, for the mild Mediterranean climate with sunshine all year round, as well as for its tasty cuisine.

Spotting the property and the Golden Visa issuance


In cooperation with a domestic and international network of large and reputable companies (construction companies, real estate agencies, law firms), we are able to spot the property of your interest and cover the entire legal and bureaucratic process required for the purchase as well as for its proper management.
By assigning us the your Golden Visa issuance, you are securing a value-for-money property purchase and compliance with all lawful procedures as applied by the law of the Greek state.

So, you can be sure that you have made a safe and cost-effective purchase without having to take any action other than signing in person at the end of the procedure when receiving the golden visa.

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