Property Management

We maximise real estate value by aligning building operational performance with the broader business objectives of occupiers. Our approach tailors the management of buildings to the businesses within them, and, by tailoring our services to meet your goals, we’re able to anticipate your needs and deal with issues long before they become problems. We will manage our clients 'investment property on clients' behalf, no matter if they live in or outside of Greece. We handle late rents, legal notices, lease renewals, and all other legal matters. If a tenant is scheduled to move out, we coordinate cleaning, repairs, painting before the new tenant moves in. We provide monthly financial reports, year-end income statement, and financial analysis of your building to optimize your profits and make your life easy during the tax season. Our rich experience and expertise in the industry help us provide comprehensive guidance from finding clients good real estate investment properties to providing reliable property management for the property they have purchased.

Property Management Services